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ColdFusion Quick Start Options

CFML or ColdFusion Markup Language is one of the most accessible programming languages for the web.  If you’re a brand new ColdFusion* developer you have several options for getting up and running with ColdFusion. As a web developer the key … Continue reading

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Just Start Writing

Today – I’m doing something very different.  I’m writing this now and I’m going to post it in roughly 38 minutes from now. No matter what. I’m just hoping for complete sentences and semi-coherency.  I’d prefer about an A- in … Continue reading

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JavaScript Undeclared

So how does one determine whether a variable has been declared in JavaScript? I’ve seen two possible methods: 1) Use the in operator: 2) Use the hasOwnProperty() method of an object: What’s the difference between these two? The in operator … Continue reading

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JavaScript Thinking Global

The more time I spend working with JavaScript the more I’m continually surprised at it’s robustness as well as it’s many peculiarities.  In an effort not to re-think down the same paths again and again I thought it would be … Continue reading

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Restoring default Flex tree icons

I came across this gotcha recently when working on a Flex Tree component where I wanted to use custom icons. The Flex component has a attribute “iconFunction” that can be used to return a custom icon based on whatever logic … Continue reading

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ColdFusion tip: remove list duplicates

This is a quick ColdFusion snippet that will process a list and remove any duplicates so that only distinct elements remain.  srcList below is the list containing duplicates.  distinctList is the resultant list with duplicates removed. Hope this helps someone!

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Java Time Zone Detection on Windows Vista

If you are running an older Sun JRE on Windows Vista there may be some issues with time zone detection, in which case Java defaults back to UTC. This was causing problems with my local copy of ColdFusion MX 7 … Continue reading

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