Just Start Writing

Today – I’m doing something very different.  I’m writing this now and I’m going to post it in roughly 38 minutes from now.

No matter what.

I’m just hoping for complete sentences and semi-coherency.  I’d prefer about an A- in spelling (especially given auto-correct), and probably about a B- in grammar.  But overall there’s no rules.

no. rules.

See how few rules there are?!  0 of them.

The point is to write something new, original and post it online.  It’s an exercise for me, not something you should have to endure, but if I don’t actually post it for you to see the exercise won’t be effective.  However, no one will blame you for cutting out a little early.

Maybe this will encourage someone else to do the same and just START WRITING.

My plan is to take John Sonmez’s free blogging course at some point, but that might not be right away, so why wait?  Just got to do it!

Overall my biggest hindrance to blogging is that it’s simply not part of my daily or weekly routine.  I bought into the idea of just starting by writing some time ago, but never intentionally carved out time in my daily life to make it happen.  Currently the only time I have officially budgeted is every other Monday from 5:15-6:15PM.  Realistically I’ll probably get about 45 minutes of that time.  So that’s 1.5 hours a month for blogging.  (At that rate it’s going to take a while to get good).

Besides that I can probably get another 1 hour or so per week in, but that time’s less predictable and less guaranteed in my routine.  (That’s the 3rd time I’ve mentioned it, sounds like a blog post for sure)

Another hindrance to me is I like playing with my blog more than I like writing.  I’ve definitely spent hours researching and tweaking different tiny nuances of how the blog is setup and running.  But compared to the lack of CONTENT those issues are pretty much irrelevant.

So… finally I’m past all that.

Which is good because I only have 10 minutes left to write.

I’ve definitely enjoyed this exercise.  Hopefully I’ve gotten this self-awkwardness out of my system.   No more “Hi mom! Look! I’m doing the blog!” type posts after this.

Also, there’s a lot of things in my daily life that I’m committed to habit goals, routines, etc.  This is NOT one of them.  Maybe it will be some day.  But don’t expect a blog post tomorrow.  The earliest I am likely to write a new one is two Monday’s from now.

But maybe in the mean time I’ll start thinking about writing more.  Go sub-conscious – you can do it!!

Here’s some of the broad topics I think would be natural for me to write about:

  • Productivity
  • Goal Setting
  • ColdFusion web development
  • Command-Line tutorials
  • Freelancing
  • Hiring Freelancers

3 minutes!  Thanks for reading this far.  I can only imagine any future post will be better than this one, but it was a great experiment to get the ball rolling on what I hope becomes a life-long habit of sharing knowledge with others.

See you next time!  Don’t share this anywhere.    Please!  Sheesh… it’s gross and awkward!

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